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ReadyFlex™ Hot Holding Cabinet

Any Menu. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Duke ReadyFlex™ Hot Holding Cabinet offers outstanding food quality and ultimate flexibility. Operate at ideal holding temperatures across all menu combinations and pan sizes utilising the intuitive and colourful touch screen controls. Food is always hot, fresh and ready where and when you need it.

  • Serve food at the proper temperature, texture and flavour profile
  • Precisely control each food product’s environment and eliminate flavour transfer
  • Confidence that your food will have the same sensory appeal whether it was just cooked or has been held for an extended period
  • Enhance food safety by ensuring food is maintained at safe temperatures
  • Decrease service times by having food readily available
  • Reduce food waste through extended hold times
  • Cook in batches instead of individual orders
Model2.5" deep pan configuration. Dimensions (WxDxH)4" deep pan configuration. Dimensions (WxDxH)Power 220/240V-50/60Hz
RFHU - 22 (2x2 Configuration)483 x 357 x 300mm483 x 357 x 368mm6.7 Amps
RFHU - 23 (2x3 Configuration)660 x 357 x 300 mm660 x 357 x 368mm10 Amps
RFHU - 24 (2x4 Configuration)838 x 357 x 300mm838 x 357 x 368mm10 Amps
RFHU - 32 (3x2 Configuration)483 x 357 x 422mm483 x 357 x 523mm10 Amps
RFHU - 34 (3x4 Configuration)838 x 357 x 422mm838 x 357 x 523mm15 Amps
RFHU - 41 (4x1 Configuration)300 x 357 x 546mm300 x 357 x 681mm10 Amps
RFHU - 42 (4x2 Configuration)483 x 357 x 546mm483 x 357 x 681mm10 Amps